3 Reasons to have your carpet cleaned during the winter (plus an incentive)…

Do you realize if you are putting off carpet cleaning until spring that it is 4 months away? FOUR months! That’s a long time to let your carpet go if it needs cleaning right now.


Putting off cleaning is costing you with damaged traffic lanes, spots becoming permanent, delicate fibers breaking down, soil grinding in…the list goes on and on. Until now you may not have had any reason to clean before spring. So, I have decided to help you save your carpet by making you aware of the reasons why you should choose to clean this winter.

1) In the winter, appointments are much more readily available, while in the spring you have to wait longer to receive service. Have you been one of our clients who had to wait two weeks? Three weeks? While in December, January and February we may be sitting around looking for things to do, the facts show that when April swings around, it will be so busy that we will have to turn work away. It happens every year. Clean now to avoid the rush!

2) Contrary to popular belief, your carpet may stay clean longer in the winter. In the spring and summer, dust, pollens and pollutants are blown into your home through open windows resulting in an unhealthy indoor environment. Your home is contaminated with pollutants and gets shut tight for the winter, trapping everything inside. If you’re not cleaning carpet in the winter, your carpet’s filtering ability is full so you and your family have been breathing polluted air for a long time. Clean carpet in the winter for your health’s sake!

3) Another reason to clean carpet in the winter is quicker drying times. Opposite of what most would think, the lack of humidity allows moisture to evaporate quickly making your carpet dry slightly faster. We can also use high powered fans that can dry a 150sf room in less than 20 minutes. Clean in the winter for convenience!

You will not get a better deal from us all year. Residential clients only. Not valid with any other offers or specials.

Featured Bonus!!! MasterCare Cleaning Company doesn’t spend a lot of money on expensive yellow page ads or commercials. We invest our time and resources in developing professional, trusting relationships and friendly referrals. To prove it, we offer to homeowners a 50% discount on cleaning of your fabric recliners (up to 3) at the same time we clean your carpets NOW through February 28th, 2011.

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